xRapid - The Beginning Game

People´s logic in understanding xRapid fails, when they compare it with XRPL.

XRPL is a solution for a technical problem: Decentralized trading and accounting without counterparty risk. It has to do that one thing, and it does.


xRapid is a solution for a business problem: cross-border payment and settlement. xRapid needs to execute two things; payment and settlement without counterparty risk. But in order to do that, it predetermines the costs. And when ledger closes, it has no other option but execute and pay out that receiver´s money. Otherwise XRPL would collapse.

The difference in XRPL trading and xRapid payment is that in XRPL trading, money comes from one wallet, but in xRapid it comes from one or many. There can be millions of wallets combined in one payment. But all the sources are 100% traceable and wallet owners identifiable, unlike in decentralized trading.


xRapid works on top of XRP Ledger, it is like supercharged Space Shuttle compared to a horse, when you compare their ability to transfer value.In XRPL trading you use money from one single wallet, but in xRapid it can be whole town´s, whole country´s, whole continents´s money that is used for one payment.

XRP only has value when it is outside XRP Ledger, but when it enters XRP Ledger, the value of XRP is 0. It only holds and transfers the value to receiver, but it has no value of it´s own. XRP has zero value once xRapid has executed.


If for once the value of XRP in XRPL would be anything other than 0, it all would fail and consensus protocol would collapse, forming another ledger.

And because XRP´s value in XRP Ledger is 0, it´s price can be anything eventually. There is nothing to hold it back anymore. It can be anything or everything. And because XRP has no value in XRPL, no one can hack it, no one can steal it. There is no point, when XRP has no value in XRPL. And because XRP has no value in XRPL, no one unity can control it or replace it. In XRP Ledger, value of XRP is always 0. In xRapid, XRP only transfers value when ledger closes and xRapid executes, but it has no value of it´s own. XRP has no value left once it enters the ledger.


xRapid is like an electric switch. It´s either ON or it is OFF, but it can not be both at the same time.

ON – OFF – ON – OFF – ON – OFF – ON – OFF – ON – OFF – ON – OFF

And when it executes, it goes ON.


Most important thing in xRapid is that when it executes, the only value that is inside XRP is receiver´s money. And when that money is paid out, there is no value left. XRP itself has 0 value.

When xRapid receives a request from sending bank for a certain transaction, it´s asked “I need to pay 100€ to France, how much it cost me?” This is the correct guestion, where xRapid can give an answer. Bank can have multiple currencies in use for xRapid, so which ever account inside exchange is used for that request, defines the currency they want to use.


You don´t have to identify the currency you are paying with, since xRapid already knows it when this question gets asked. When guestion is asked the funds are already reserved for xRapid´s use but they remain on sending bank´s account, and xRapid notices they are US Dollars.

Instantly after question, xRapid checks from it´s fiat/XRP -orderbook how much XRP it needs at receiver´s end to pay out 100EUR. xRapid needs 350 XRP to buy 100EUR. It then calculates how many USD it needs to sell for XRP on sending end´s exchange to buy that EUR with XRP in other end´s exchange and cover all costs of xRapid. It notices it needs 113USD. If sender agrees, xRapid executes the payment and settlement all the way to receiver´s account on other end´s exchange. In execution, ledger closes and both sender´s and receiver´s balances change. Sender´s account has 113USD less, receiver´s account has 100EUR more.


Some say sender buys XRP with fiat and sells it on other end´s exchange for fiat and settles xRapid, but that is wrong. xRapid can not do that. Some other payment network could do that, but then it has to be something else than xRapid.

What this means is that you can not compare xRapid selling and buying fiat, to trading. xRapid executes cross-border payment and settlement and it can not trade, it only moves value all the way from sender to receiver without counterparty risk. That is what it does.


When execution order of cross-border payment and settlement is “Buy XRP – Sell for fiat” it ends up building another Monero, xMonero perhaps. Much faster but still a privacy coin. There would also be counterparty issues that would make xRapid fail, but most importantly… No one could be sure of AML and Origin of funds if executed like here described.

Reason for this is that selling XRP at receiving end´s exchange would fill some random customer´s “Buy XRP with fiat” -orders and then we can not know anymore that the settled funds came from one source, the original sending bank. Same thing on sending end, if system could buy XRP with fiat, it would fill random customers “Sell XRP for fiat” -orders and Origin of Funds would be violated. One executed cross-border payment could have filled hundreds of random customer´s orders on both ends, and what a mess that would be for regulators. Receiver could not be able to explain where that money came, who paid for it and what was the reason for this payment. It never would pass AML laws anywhere.


Execution order of xRapid has to be “Sell fiat for XRP, buy fiat with XRP” or otherwise xRapid fails. When executed in this order, we can be sure from beginning to end, whose fiat value came in to XRP and whose value is then used for buying fiat with that XRP on other end´s exchange. This is the only way to fulfill all global KYC/AML/Origin of Funds -requirements for next thousand years. This is the only way to source back each and every transaction xRapid ever executed. So for those worried about regulators not accepting XRP, do not be worried. This is bullet-proof!

One other problem that gets solved in this xRapid order of execution is a guestion of XRP being a security. How can something that has ZERO value in it´s utility use be considered a security? It can´t. Coin must have value for it to be considered a security, and when in xRapid the value of XRP is 0, problem solved.


If some other payment network could be able to buy XRP with fiat on sender´s end, that would mean that there is some predetermined value in XRP, when in there is not. The value of XRP is always 0, always. This is why it is so important that xRapid execution order is “Sell fiat for XRP, buy fiat with XRP”



I am xRapid,
Nice to have you here!

I noticed you opened a trading account, welcome! Start slowly, don´t risk too much on any trade until you are more confident in what you´re doing. This is a good place to start. And congratulations for graduating, I can see that diploma behind you on the wall. I know you can´t hear me but it´s always nice when new people join and start trading.

My work is to sell money and sometimes I feel like I want to scream when all my bosses send me huge bunches of sell orders. They never say anything nice, all they say is “Sell, xRapid!”. I am always here, always. And this is the only thing I ever do, sell money. When I´ve sold enough to fill one bag and it gets executed, I fill next one, and next, and next, and next… That´s what I do. I have so many bosses and I have never met any of them. Some of them are new, some of them have worked with me for decades, but all they ever say is: Sell, xRapid!


I did not know you were getting married and that your wife is pregnant. I hope all is well in your life. Have not seen you in a while. So much has changed since I last saw you, you wouldn´t believe.

We replaced horse carriages with trucks and we can deliver thousands of times more than we could when we last met. I used to fill bags and they got executed, but now I´m filling trucks full of bags, and then these trucks get executed one by one. This thing really is booming, but it has not changed anything in my job. Sometimes I´d like to say to people “STOP trading!”, but what would it help, I got millions of traders, bots and humans, that I monitor. Whenever you go to sleep, someone new takes your place on my screen. And all the time one of my many boss´ yells at me; Sell, xRapid!


Hah… you´re getting better! What a nice catch those oil futures… made me laugh when I realised you saw that too. I noticed where it is going, but what can I do, that´s not my job. I just monitor you guys and then I execute sales.

Would love to help you sometimes, but I can´t. You can´t ever see me or hear me. Our world´s never meet and if they could, my world would disappear. We look at the same numbers but from opposite directions, and that wall of numbers keep us from seeing each other. I hate my job, but here I am. Working as a slave, a future slave. With no own will. No own nothing.


Wow… is your daughter already 20 and moving on to her own apartment? It has been so lovely watching her grow and how your family has spent time together in that room. Other continent is a long journey, but I know you´re in touch with each other constantly.

If only you could see the things that we use today to send cargo. They are huge! I call them Universe! They are filled with all kinds of orders, big and small, but there aren´t that many small orders anymore. Even the small ones would fill a space shuttle. And you know the sounds when ledger closes and Universe takes off…? You would not believe. I don´t know if your ears would pop, but I am so used to this. What today moves in one Universe, used to take months or years to deliver when you started, but now it just goes on and on and on. Yesterday I filled a Universe with just one order, can you believe it!


Your daughter opened an account too, I can see her studying and trading at the same time. Must be something to do with business education, I guess. Funny how you are never at the same time here, always different times. But it seems she has the same daily rhythm she had when she lived with you. Anyway, she is ok, no need to worry at all!

I see your getting sicker… I hate to say goodbyes and hopefully this is not it… You only come here every now and then and I have seen this same so many times before. People get older, they just stop coming here. It was a good move to move those zerps to that wallet on your table, your daughter can easily find it there. 10.000 XRP you gained during all these years, WOW! I never would have thought you collect such a fortune. There are only a few people who own big amounts and you have done very well. Goodbye, I guess someone new takes your place on my screen.




Hi, I´m xRapid, how may I help you?
For me, this just the beginning!